Speaker:  Jim Snow

Topics Covered In This Session

Why your branding is a critical part of your overall Etsy strategy. 

How to get more "social proof" from your customers. Practical tips and tricks!

The importance of starting an email list and how to use it to make more sales. 

How Facebook Groups can skyrocket your engagement and sales for your brand. 

Jim Snow

While living in central Australia, I got to mine Garnets in the Hartz Range, which started me off on the path of collecting minerals everywhere I went. Eventually I had more crystals than what I knew to do with, so starting in 2012 we hit the road in our VW Bus and began vending markets and festivals.
Along the way I met a jeweler in Tucson with the most interesting wire wrapped jewelry I’d ever seen, who loved the macrame was doing, and said if I could do that with my hands, I could wrap like him. ...So I set off on a journey to teach myself how to wrap and developed my own style and designs.

Find me:   ETSY

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