Speaker:  Kara Buntin

Topics Covered In This Session

Learn how multiple listings effect your overall sales. 

​How video can boost your traffic and conversions in Etsy. (you don't want to miss these tips)

Learn how you can tap into other existing customers. 

​How branching out with other video topics has exploded this speaker's Etsy sales. (and you can too)

Kara Buntin

I’m Kara Buntin, a business owner who’s had both a locally-based custom wedding cake business that started in 1999, and an online business since 2011. I have an MA in psychology and I know how to cut through the fluff to get right to what matters. I’m a top seller on Etsy and I also have a standalone website and an active youtube channel where I post videos about Etsy tips and cake decorating demos. I’ve been blogging about home-based business and teaching local and online workshops since 2009. I’m committed to helping other small business owners improve their sales through better understanding of marketing, and by helping them to define their own success. 


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