SPEAKER: Dave DeNard

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What You'll Learn In

Dave's "Premium" Session

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    How to build a cohesive brand image so that you stand out from the competition
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    An easy but powerful tip for getting more conversions from your photos.  (amazing!) 
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    How to tune into your "tribe" so that they will trust and buy from only you.  (simple to do)
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    The right way to build a brand around your customer's world view. (for more sales)
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    His surprising method for saying true to himself while making a TON of sales on Etsy.  
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    How to make money on auto-pilot on Etsy without loosing a dime. (secrets revealed)

I love all the sessions! I've learned so much and can't wait to go through them all. I'm getting my Etsy shop ready for Christmas and the speakers have some cool tips that I'm sure I can leverage in my shop.

Samantha B.

Artist & Crafter

I’m looking to start a new online business, but have very little previous knowledge of SEO, social media, marketing, etc. and how to use it to build a business. These videos are right on target for me. I’m looking forward to following in the footsteps of these experts to get my business going and thriving.


Crafter and Business Owner

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Imagine getting paid 30% - 100% more for the same amount of work you're doing now. 

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The SUMMIT is an online "conference" where expert speakers share their tips, tools and training with you. 

Each speaker's session is an interview with Frank Foster and broken down into two parts:

Part ONE is an overview and general session of creating and monetization.  

Part TWO is "premium" content where the speaker shares their unique in-depth step-by-step system for turning their creations into income. 

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STARLA MOORE  //  Speaker

"I like watching digital summits ...

"It's a good way to get the perspective of people who are actually selling and a lot of different perspectives. You might be able to learn from it so hearing different perspectives is always good. "  UPGRADE

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"If you guys want to learn how to be successful selling your crafts online, then I highly recommend signing up and attending.

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DAVE DENARD  //  Speaker

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DELLA REDAJA  //  Speaker

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"There's always some nugget that you haven't heard about yet and that one little trick is going to turn things around for you."  UPGRADE

CARRIE WOOD  //  Speaker

From $20 to $250!


Julia is a college student who approached me after one of my live classes and asked me how she could sell more of her pottery at an upcoming show.

I gave her 3 simple instructions to follow. One of which was to have a super high priced piece on the table. 

She said that her pottery normally sells fro around $20. 

I said: "Do you have a large piece you could put out for sale?" She said that she had a coffee table bowl but that she didn't think anyone would pay "that kind of money". 

I told her to put it out for sale at $300. 

She said: "No one will ever pay that...but I'll try it."

A few days later she ran up to me excited and said: "Someone purchased the bowl...and paid me $250!"

Frank Foster


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    The True Artist ->  You are an artist. You've been creating from an early age. In fact...you can't help yourself. You MUST create. Then at some point in your journey... someone looked at your work and said: "Hey...can you make one of those for me?" You did...and they paid you...and you told yourself it was a fluke! Now you're trying to figure out if you can turn this into a full-time income.  If this sounds like you, then the  ALL ACCESS PASS   would be the smartest starting point in your journey. ​​
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