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Starla Moore is going to share how she grew her Facebook group to sell more of her Etsy's a strategy you won't want to miss!

Dan Rees will teach you a little known strategy for getting thousands of Instagram followers!

Kara Buntin will show you why custom work is so important to your customers and how to get to 1,000+ listings!

Dave DeNard will teach you how to build a brand that looks congruent and makes customers feel more confident to do business with you. 

Zoe Horsefield will teach you how a focus on one product can grow your Etsy shop over time.

Della Redaja will cover how selling higher priced items can be a great strategy to profits. 

Carrie Wood built her Etsy shop on a single product type and she can show you how. 

Nancy Badillo has mastered not one but 3 Etsy shops with over 6,000 products and she will show you how its done!

Jim Snow has sold his jewelry at live events all over the country and he will give you his best tips and tricks.

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