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How To Get More Sales On Etsy

I am awesome, excellent excellent, so we have of course starla more on right now and she is. We are gonna talk to you a little bit about your growth and your shop and we're gonna get off-topic a few times. I'M sure and we're just gonna have some fun together, so cool all right, so take it away

Alright, so I started on Etsy in 2012. I was only 19 at the time, and now I am 27 and from there when I what I experienced on Etsy, I got on at just the right time. I feel to really begin. You know feeling the growth that not a lot of Etsy sellers feel right. Now and I know that that's where a lot of Etsy sellers struggle, so I would say that I had a really easy on my first few years, but then things started.

“Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens or what changes along the way.”

- Starla Moore -

Changing Etsy started, changing the algorithms started, changing and the way that people shop on Etsy ultimately started changing in total. So I had to learn how to change everything within my shop to be able to compete with some of my biggest competitors, but over the span of about six years I was a big able to rise above all of my existing competitors, I'm now on the top 1% of all shops on Etsy, and because of that success I was able to also become an Etsy coach, which is what I'm more known for now.

So so tell me a little bit about what you do now. What is it you? You said you use you've. You obviously have a shop but you're you're teaching now so kind of walk us through what you do now. Ok great, so I had so much success on Etsy that ultimately people started asking me: you know: how did you do it? How do you do this? How do you do your SEO?

How do you take such great photos? Oh, your banner is really nice. How did you get that? I see you have lots of news and media features on your banner? Where did you get those?

So with all these questions, I started a YouTube channel, which became pretty successful. I would say in terms of Etsy related content, especially since this is educational content and not necessarily entertaining and from there I received even more questions of people asking me: are you a coach? Do you do coaching, can can you critique my shop? Can I pay you to critique my shop and once you hit around ten thousand subscribers on YouTube, and you start thinking about how many people would pay for those shop critiques?

It's like that. I don't have time for that. There's no way. I could not sit an hour a day with ten thousand people. I would never get anything done in my own shop and that would defeat the purpose right. So what I then did was create a course called the handmade alpha Academy, where everything that I would teach them in a condensed coaching session is actually laid out for them, step by step in a one to three format, with between nine different video modules and from That point they are able to just take the reins and take control of their own Etsy shop, their branding and, ultimately, the psychology that goes into running a successful business.

Because what I found is that people are trying to replicate what was once very true for print ads within a magazine and they try to take that type of style of marketing and replicate it onto the screen. But that's not how the human brain works. So what I really try to push an H a is how the brain actually inputs all of this marketing that we're just throwing out to the world that way we're not just throwing tennis balls and hoping that you know one's gonna stick.

You know that makes sense. So, let's talk about that for a second are most of the your coaching clients and most of the people who take your courses. Are they new to Etsy like they? They know how to make things with their hands. They may have even monetized in craft fairs or some things like that and then now they're just getting on Etsy or most of your people on Etsy and they've struggled and you're helping them move past that we do have quite a few people who jump on Etsy And they just want to start like running, but most of the time they already have an established shop and they've realized. Okay, I've tried to do this.

I'Ve heard of this thing called SEO. I know that I need to take good photos, but I know how to do any of that and I don't. I can't find any step-by-step information on the Internet. It'S all like. Oh here's, a little bit here, here's a little bit here.

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How do I put the pieces together? So that's mostly what our students are in their backgrounds, okay and so the the specialties in let's go back up here. So obviously, you've you've had a ton, a ton of sales platform, so wow that's great, and so what is what is the biggest hurdle that you see with with your students who start with you like? What is the biggest you talked about the psychology behind the sales? What is their biggest, what is the biggest psychological hurdle, their biggest hurdle primarily and is what we cover first in handmade Ulf Academy is really narrowing down on that target market, because normally, what happens? If somebody has a great idea for a product, but they have no idea who that product is actually for, they said they create the product, they love it, they think. Oh, I could totally see somebody you know wearing this. Somebody would like this. I like it, but then they don't really get into the nitty-gritty of who that product is intended for and from there. They also don't know how to market.

For that particular person. How do I brand for that particular person? How do I make sure that literally every single thing that I am doing on social media through my marketing, through my emails and in my Etsy store front? How do I make sure that all of these elements together are catered to that person and, at the same time also remain cohesive, so that there's no brand confusion and people are actually identifying this as the singular company, rather than just another shop out in the sea Of millions of Etsy shops that are out there so definitely narrowing down a target customer, because everything that you do in business needs to be for that particular person, so it all just kind of it's like gears. I always talk about it being gears that work together and if you take one out of the middle of that equation, you know none of the gears are going to turn gotcha. Okay. So the first question so the first her they have is they're not cognitively, aware that their brand has to speak to a particular tribe.

Yes, okay, cool cool cool got it, and so so what is the? What is the next hurdle? So they get that you tell them: okay, hey it's a tribe and go identify your tribe or your prospect. I don't know what language you use for, that. We call it building a target persona and we like to go a little bit deeper than just. You know what type of person, because a lot of people will pay so much mind into income level and how many people are in their family, and you know things like this, where I feel like. There'S a lot more to it and not everything fits into a square box. You have to also think about what this person's dreams are, because, if they're buying your product they're not doing it to complete a lifestyle that they already have they're buying your product to enhance a lifestyle that they want. They have a lifestyle that they're aspiring towards and no matter what you sell, you know whether it be jewelry, whether it be something that they hang on the wall in their home. They have an idea of what they want, that home to look like and maybe they've seen it in magazines they get like Better Homes and Gardens, and they have this picture of what they want it to be. But your product is going to complete that, rather than you know. I think that what most people assume is that this person has already painted the way that these that this person has already painted their life in the way that the person you as the seller is marketing towards when, in reality, they're trying to get one step closer To the lifestyle that you're promoting gotcha okay great yeah, that's a great point, so, okay cool! So I get I get that part you're there. The brand is sort of closing the Delta between where they are now and where they envision themselves, going and you're helping the students with that process, and so once the student understands that piece, what's the next stumbling block that you see next is tying it all into. Actually, building that bring and creating that branding and what I see a lot with Etsy sellers in particular, is because they're crafty in one area they assume that they're also going to be crafty in another area, like maybe creating their logo. I mean unless they're a graphic designer in most cases when we'll say somebody who crochets attempts to hop in and create their own logo and that's usually doesn't look super professional. And I think that it takes a lot of might for an Etsy seller to actually buckle down and decide to hire a graphic designer and put that trust in faith into them. I think that another big thing that that we cover in depth in handmade elf Academy that not a lot of sellers consider are branding colors and things and the psychology behind the colors that they choose and how those colors are going to affect those shoppers who are Entering their storefronts, so I would definitely say branding is a big second in terms of actually taking the steps that they should be taking to really position themselves. As a business, as opposed to somebody who you know just, has a photo editing software on their computer and can throw something together in a few minutes, you know you should really be hiring out these processes to the best of the best, because good enough in this Industry is not good enough if your competitor on that search page has a way about our banner way, better branding and a way better overall atmosphere. Then your shop does, even if your products are better. If you're not expressing those other elements, they are still the obvious choice in that case, because they are positioned in a way that makes them seem more credible. It makes them seem like they have more expertise in that field and, overall, you just feel safer as a shopper buying from that shop. That has a well choreographed brand image yeah. I think that's like that's a great point and it's obvious, as you were, as you were talking I was scrolling through and you you actually have one of the most cohesive visual brands that I've seen in in the crafting niche I mean all these colors are. Are super super congruent, in fact, even using the same personal profile across multiple channels, which is which I, which you and I rarely ever see it's it's it's sort of like 101, but no one ever does it so yeah.

I think that's great. It really does it makes your brand look so so much bigger and so much so so well established. Of course, it doesn't have to have doesn't hurt to have these credibility indicators on you. So that's a plus cool, so so, let's kind of step back a second, because I'm I'm curious and I know a lot of our attendees will be curious. Why? Where didn't you get your start with the keys I've always known you like when I first started when you first showed up on my radar years ago. I knew you as dragon keys. So that's what sticks in my mind for you, but it looks like in your. Let me go back, it looks like here, you have more actually more skeleton keys.

Then dragon keys. You only have two. So what tell us the story behind address the the key stuff? Well, the Dragons. You don't see as many of because those sell out instantly when I release them, I'm one of those shops where the second that I release new products they all disappear. So what you're seeing now are kind of the scraps that are left over but dragons are what I got big. You know selling initially I started out in 2012 when I was 19 years old and I had just had my daughter, my husband had gotten. He was in the military and we were just stationed in California but were from Ohio.

So that's quite the drive. I didn't have any babysitter's to watch my daughter, which is ultimately why I decided to start my own business. I I had a lot of free time on my hands living in a big giant caged in military base, so I had plenty of time to learn. It was really just trying to find something that I enjoyed that I liked at the time I didn't know a lot about target market, but I assumed that there were people out there like me who thought that the idea of a fantasy themed necklace was very mystical And inspiring, and that's just kind of where, where I got my start in terms of what I decided to sell and one of the craziest things that I bring up to my alphas is that we have. I have people message me all the time and say things like: oh, could you make a ring, could you make a keychain? Could you make a lock shaped, necklace and sure I could do all of those things I could do all of those things very easily.

I could also add in dog collars water bottles book covers. You know, there's a million things I could add by it. The thing that has made me popular is remaining consistent to one thing and I'm sure before you even knew what my name was. You probably knew. Oh, she makes those keys, it didn't even need to be dragon keys. It'S just she's makes she makes those keys and that's what I'm known for. So if I went and created anything other than those keys, I might not have the traction that I have now, especially since my business name does not indicate what I do, because I kind of solidified that business name um a long time ago back before. I really knew a whole lot about business and branding but yeah. I think that's a good point um. That'S interesting, though, because I talk to a lot of successful Etsy sellers who do make quite a bit of money in the custom bespoke work, I mean like a whole lot, like you know, an extra twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars a year. Just on that side, business and I I don't know if I've actually ever heard anyone say what you said, which is to keep the brand pure to keep the the the association of my brand and my imagery with the item clean and uncluttered, and it's obviously served You did you when you first started out. I'M just curious, I mean so one of the things we we know about.

Etsy is it's not a marketplace? It'S a search engine and in the beginning, when you first started the keys I mean, were there searches for dragon keys, or is that like something you sort of put out there? We pioneered or what's the story behind that yeah, I'm actually I've kind of built, the search for that and it's now one of my most popular like search terms that I use according to Etsy. They say that dragon key is one of my most popular, but that was never my intention. It started as me trying to get popular the phrase fantasy key, which also was not heard of before me, but before I knew a whole lot of SEO. I had these really high hopes where I'm like. Oh, I will develop the market or this search term and now that's completely unheard of it's very difficult to create a niche for yourself when the marketplace is so full. But ultimately now my recommendation for sellers is to make sure that you're using a tool that will actually help you. We actually work very close with Anthony wolf of I ranked comm he's a really good friend of mine, but there they are the authority when it comes to finding those great keywords for your Etsy shop. So that would be my recommendation for any Etsy sellers who really want to make sure that they're using keywords where they can get found for those terms, and the great thing is a Nate who's sitting right next to me, he works for us and he also works For I rank so he's our guy on the inside, and we actually designed these pages that you were just looking at Frank. This works for me and Nate. We had a nice, nice cool okay, so that that makes a lot of sense. So so, let's get into a little bit of the weeds here and and drill down and talk about that, because I think a lot of the biggest fear that most crafters I speak to have is okay, I'm gonna go on Etsy.

There are millions of sellers. You know it has a hundred and seventy million users, people who go there and shop, I'm gonna get lost in the shuffle. How do I possibly? How do I possibly get my ranking up so and you know without without paid ads cuz you having that conversation? There'S a completely I mean it's way over the head and it scares it. It scares them it's not that difficult, but with when you're new. It is that difficult, because it's it's new and you haven't, you know, form those neural pathways. Yet so, let's talk a little bit about if you, if you have, if you open up a new shop tomorrow and you had good, you know, you had good art, you had art. That was this good. You know how you knew how to photograph. You knew how to write a decent description. What would be the first thing you would do to start getting found in that section. What would be the first thing you would do to start getting found and first suggestion would be to make sure that you're researching the keywords and tags that you're using for your shop. Second, I mean that's for organic traffic, but second, I would recommend getting out there and getting an email list set up and making sure that you're incentivizing those sign ups with a discount code, because, if somebody's going to buy and they find out that they can get A a percentage off for that sale, they're going to sign up for that discount code and then, if you ever decide to start your own website, what you can do is use that email list to your advantage. If you release a new product and you send out a mass email to everybody on that email list, but you're then directing them to your website where they're not purchasing on Etsy anymore, they're, purchasing direct from you, and you cannot promote your website on Etsy. You can't send it in convos, but if that person willingly joins your email list, you have that ability as well. If I were to send a 50 off email out to my entire list today, every single item in my shop would sell out now. Imagine having that power say you know your car breaks down or you have some crazy medical expense that pops up and you have no way to pay for it. Imagine having the power to send out a coupon code to your entire mailing list and being able to make tons of sales instantly. That'S how some of my biggest sale days have come like, I think, Black Friday 2 years ago, we made seven thousand dollars in an hour, maybe more so that's a lot of power that you can hold over that audience.

So mailing list would be my number one. Even more important than social media interesting yeah, that's that's incredible day!

So how? How would you start getting that email list? Obviously with with Etsy, as you said, they have a lot of you know it's it's their platform.

It's their game is rules. They have rules around at, they have rules around email and it changes. You know all the time you know and that's not something we as sellers can can control. So how does a new seller you know with the right branding and, of course the Brin needs for most people, but that's why you're here to help everybody with the branding so once they get help from you on the branding and they they're making the right things. They'Ve got the right photographs, they've got the you know decent descriptions, and I'm sure you you you help with that as well.

How do they start building that email list?

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