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Make 2019 the Best Year Ever!

Learn exactly how to start selling your creations  and hit your first $1,000 in sales! The market for selling crafts is becoming more competitive. You need to separate yourself from the competition. These hand picked speakers will show you exactly how to do that. 

Make more money... 

Jim had a problem... He's been selling his jewelry for over 15 years.   He's making plenty of money ...in fact...he's so busy that he has to hire people just to help him in his booth! He sells everything from pendents to raw stones and rings. The problem is...he just got married to a wonderful woman with two kids and they want to settle down and not travel around the country. So...now he has a problem. How on Earth is he going to sell his art without selling at events? That's the point where Jim discovered Etsy. But he soon realized that getting views and sales is not as easy as it first seemed.  Luckily... he found a teacher (one of our speakers) who helped him with his traffic...conversion...pricing...etc. Today, Jim averages a sale a day and  is making passive income where money comes in through his shop without ever having to make or ship anything himself! 

Skip the learning curve!

Scientists at the Harvard lab for cognitive research report that when your brain hears stories about how others are doing something...it's no different than you doing that thing. Wow! That means you don't have to learn by FAILING. You can skip to the front of the success line just by learning from experts in the crafting field.  Thats GREAT news!

Most Anticipated Event of 2019

I've been struggling for years with live events. I'm getting older and I just cant carry the tables and set up like I use to. I love making things and selling my art...but I don't understand how to do this on the internet. I'm really looking forward to getting some real help. Finally!

Sue - Crafter from Dallas

I have an Etsy shop and have made a few sales. But my living situation has changed and I'm wanting to turn my shop into a full- time income. I know that these experts have done that and I hope I can do the same. 

Stacy - "creative sole" 

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